Watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding Online Is Great Fun

Toula is the youngest daughter in a Greek family, but she’s reached the age of 30 without finding the nice husband and having all the children her family want her to have. She’s trapped by her family’s traditions working in their restaurant for free, wanting to go to college and pursue her interest in computers online, her traditional father is resistant to her education, thinking all a woman needs to know is how to run a good household and get married.

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She’s also trapped by he lack of self-confidence, her jam jar glasses and her frumpy image. After watching the man of her dreams in the restaurant one day, Toula decides the only way she can be happy is to follow her own dreams regardless of her family’s traditions. She takes that course at the college, gets a new job in her aunt’s wedding agency and smartens up her image, and all just in time for that man to walk back into her life. His name is Ian, he’s a college professor, he’s handsome, he’s funny, he’s in love with Toula, but he’s not Greek. This could be a problem.

To watch My Big Fat Greek Wedding became an amazing success story in America, taking more than 200 million dollars before it closed out its theatrical run and became available online, so what makes it stand out from the large field of romantic comedies that grace our screens each year? Well, strangely, nothing. Whilst it fulfills its remit of being both romantic and funny, it doesn’t excel in either area, and manages to be as utterly predictable as every other romantic comedy you’ve ever watched free. It’s a slow starter, and watching the first 20 minutes online had me seriously doubting the sanity of the American public, as the predictable and just plain old jokes failed to tickle my funny bone as we were introduced to Toula’s world.

But as we get to know her family, and watch the insanity of her stereotypical world, the jokes get increasingly funnier, early character set ups pay off with some great gags and you begin to wonder what strange Greek tradition will spring up to scare the white folks on the wedding day. It’s a classic culture clash story, as Ian is introduced to the wonders of roasting lamb on a spit in the front garden, spitting on people to ward off the devil, and having an extended family big enough to fill Madison Square Garden, with the diverse range of eccentricities that would bring.

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If you watch My Big Fat Greek Wedding online free expecting a mildly diverting romantic comedy, with slight jokes and a feel good happy ending then you’ll have a good time. Just don’t let the sky high box office takings fool you into thinking this is either hilarious, original, or even the best entry into the rom-com canon since Meg Ryan first swooned over Tom Hanks (who, incidentally, produced this) as you’ll only be disappointed.


Nia Vardlos spends most of it pointing out that every joke in the full movie is based on an event from her real life, and then retelling the story in a ‘less funny than in the film’ way. Watch how Director Zwick occasionally chips in but not with anything interesting, and John Corbett talks less Marcelle Marceau. Also, and I hope this isn’t the start of a trend, while I can understand it it’s still annoying.

Watch My Big Fat Greek Wedding online – the movie is a reasonable romantic comedy, but it’s far from being special. Maybe I just don’t know enough about Greek culture to find the humour in many of the set ups, but I guess I’m not alone there. How this became such a huge success is beyond me, and little effort has been put into the DVD to attract the curious.