My Best Friend’s Girl is Entertaining Movie You Must Watch

Two big surprises! For one, who would expect an outrageously raunchy comedy from the director of harmless family fare as The Great Outdoors and Some Kind Of Wonderful? Secondly, when told of the embargo on the film review till Saturday of the opening weekend, I was wondering it is a good idea to watch My Best Friend’s Girl online free.

My Best Friend's Girl movie

My Best Friend’s Girl is actually quite a hilarious romantic comedy you can watch online with an original premise of a guy, Tank (Dane Cook) with a very weird job. He is hired by dumped guys to date their ex’s. By being the complete fool during the date, Tank has the girl right back to the dumped boyfriend in no time. But that is as far as originality goes. Best friend, Dustin (Jason Biggs from American Pie) hires him to take care of Alexis (Kate Hudson). Needless to say, Tank falls for Alexis and things go into guy gets girl in typical romantic comedy mode.

Deutch and first time script writer Jordan Cahan, however have crafted really good set-pieces. Together with the actors’ improvisation and the reportedly number of takes, the result is positive in terms of laughter. I would watch the wedding ceremony with Tank pulling his pants down in front of the bride’s mother saying: “It won’t suck itself, mama”, as the funniest blue colored joke in a movie this year. Tank lives up to his image of being a genius.

My Best Friend’s Girl is funnier than Will Smith’s Hitch (also about a romance doctor) or Cook’s last movie Good Luck Chuck. It will not likely impress many online critics, but this film, got me laughing quite enough for me to give a free 3-star rating.