Justice League Full Movie

Most people that choose to watch Justice League online will know that the movie had a troubled production. Zack Snyder, the director charged with shaping the DC Universe had to step down for personal reasons. Joss Whedon did what he could to fill his shoes but, with only a few months on his schedule to iron out the problems Snyder had introduced into the equation, expectations were rather low.

But even before Justice League’s production became mired in controversy, the full movie had to bear the burden of the negativity that surrounded the DC Universe. Unlike Marvel, DC has struggled and largely failed to shape a successful, well-received cinematic Universe.
Justice League 2017

Man of Steel kicked off the Extended Universe and is one of the most divisive films Warner Bros has ever produced, having attracted intense love and hate in equal measure.

Batman V Superman crushed and burned under the weight of its ambitious premise and Suicide Squad was largely maligned for being one of the worst movies of the year it came out. So before you watch Justice League you must know that crew had a lot of work to do to win the hearts of fans and critics alike.

How It All Started?

Justice League picks up where Batman V Superman left off. Superman is dead and the world is in mourning. The absence of Earth’s mightiest hero has caused crime to spike. Nefarious minds the world over believe that they can loot and pillage without consequence.

And if that was the worst of it, Bruce Wayne would have breathed a sigh of relief. But something far worse is coming. A powerful being by the names of Darkseid is out to conquer earth.

He has unleashed Steppenwolf, the strongest of his minions to collect the mother boxes – three powerful devices that, once combined, will transform the landscape of the earth into that of Apokalypse, Darkseid’s world, opening the way for the tyrant’s invasion.

Bruce Wayne

To aid in his quest, Steppenwolf has enlisted the help of the para-demons, insect-like creatures with a vicious temper that number in the hundreds of thousands. A long time ago, when he first invaded, his mother boxes were taken from him and entrusted to the different races of Earth, each of whom was charged with keeping their treasure hidden.

As Para-demons begin to roam the world, searching for the hiding places of Steppenwolf’s mother boxes, Bruce Wayne takes steps to stop him. Aware that he alone does not have the might to stand against the villain, Batman gathers a team.

Could Have Been Better

Where Marvel kicked its universe off with an independent series that culminated in a single gigantic team-up movie, DC saw fit to go the opposite route by starting with the team up film.

So they had quite the ambitious task ahead of them, this including introducing the various members of the Justice League, members that were largely unknown to the public, providing sufficient information about their backstories and then creating a situation that could organically unite them in the battle against a common enemy.

And the team definitely makes a valiant effort. That being said, Justice League reeks of the behind-the-scenes shenanigans that inundated entertainment outlets in the years and months preceding its release.

the superhero team

The story that Whedon tells is a clunky one: the dialogue sounds artificial, the CGI is subpar in some places. Every plot thread that Zack Snyder opened in Batman V Superman Joss ignores. The arc that Bruce Wayne began in his previous outing goes completely unexplored, with Whedon choosing to infuse the Batman with a whole new personality. The fights are messy, convoluted and largely unappealing.

The strongest aspect of this flick is the interaction between the characters. Batman, Wonder woman, Cyborg, Flash, and Aquaman feel authentic, almost like they walked straight out of a comic book. But when you watch Justice League online free, it will quickly become obvious that it was directed by two different people. Joss Whedon’s colorful, lighthearted sensibilities abound for most of the time.

But there are times when Zack Snyder’s darker, gritter fingerprints emerge. Had Justice League been directed by both Snyder and Joss from the start, with the former telling the story while the latter directing the action, this could have been the greatest superhero movie ever made. Unfortunately, there was little in the way of cooperation between them.